Sustainability and CSR

The Environment Matters

There is nothing called economic development and social cohesion without environmental sustainability

Environmental Norms

Property development and the management process lies at the heart of the built-in, natural environment, thus all the operations and procedures have impacts on the environment. We set our environmental norms to describe and monitor the environmental changes, with predicting future changes and with attempts to maximise human benefit and to minimise environmental degradation due to human activities. At Lindel, we are more concerned about going sustainable with our operations and customers and we maintain a Green Belt at our premises to promote the safety and protection of the natural environment in our community.

Green Initiatives

We at LINDEL always focus on improving the organization's knowledge, policy response, and ability to manage a just transformation to greener economies and a more sustainable future. We ensure:

  • Cleaning methods that conserve water and energy consumption;
  • Identifying the need for, and providing adequate services for the tenants in sustainable cleaning and waste management techniques;
  • Consideration for the conservation of other natural resources and materials used/procured
  • Following an environmentally friendly approach to protecting the local biodiversity and wildlife through tree planting projects and minimal harm to the natural environment

Renewable Energy Use

Renewable energy production and use will benefit energy security, the environment, the economy, mechanical manufacturing, construction, transportation, and industry.

Renewable energy resources such as solar energy can contribute largely to the company's energy demands while also helping to improve environmental protection.

To make use of solar energy from dawn to dusk, LINDEL has fully pledged solar panels to its sustainable energy consumption operations. Solar panels employ the single most sustainable resource in the world - the sun's light - to turn the sun's energy into electrical energy.

Sustainability Benchmarking & Tenant Engagement

In our sustainability benchmarking process, we systematically evaluate the sustainability performance of voluntary standards and companies or other entities that aim to implement sustainability measures or create positive impacts with us.

We consider sustainability benchmarking important to keep oriented with our vision of promoting sustainability at LINDEL. We understand that in the corporate world, sustainability is associated with an organization's holistic approach, taking into account everything, from manufacturing to logistics to customer service.

Water Treatment

Ensuring our water treatment and management operations align with our sustainability vision is one of the key pillars we consider in sustainability audits at LINDEL. The industrial wastewater is treated according to the pre-treatment standard prescribed by LINDEL before releasing to the natural waterways. The standard for pre-treatment of waste water is available on request from LINDEL as well.

Proper water management can give value to materials previously deemed harmful or even dangerous for the environment.

In addition to efficiency, wastewater treatment methods must be sustainable, not only from an environmental point of view, but also economically and ethically.

Landscape, Internal Planting, and Ecology

LINDEL is thoroughly determined to maintain the premises based on a greener and sustainable concept. We have launched several tree planting projects throughout the 30 years since LINDEL started in 1992 as a result of which we have been able to protect the natural environment. Trees have the ability to restore degraded ecosystems and provide environmental and economic benefits.

We understand that Trees Outside Forests (TOFs) will have an increasing role in reducing degradation and will assist in sustainable development.

In Particular, we maintain a Green Belt to separate the local community from the industrial estate which we regard as an important measure taken to be able to interact with the local community positively and maintain an environmentally friendly nature in our business.

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